My bound bachelor theses books finally arrived.I’m not too happy though(but I guess that happens when you go for the cheapest option..).The colours came out a bit dull on some pages and there is really much of the illustrations lost between the pages(like more than usual with books).On most pages that is not a real problem as I never placed anything important in the middle of the illustrations,on the page with the ravens however it is..the ravenmother lost her face and one of the three hatchlings.Ugh,this is really annoying(especially since its partly my own fault for placing these things so near to the middle).Also I couldn’t use my endpapers as it wasn’t possible there to let the endpapers printed.I might start a giveaway soon though(and I might have 3 or so copys for sale for approx.15 euros,but still not sure about that-I would feel kind of bad for selling things that arent really good quality..)

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  3. bpgabrielli hat gesagt: Your thesis looks beautiful to me. Maybe you’ve been so close to the project for so long that the flaws are what stand out to you… Regardless, congratulations on completing this milestone!
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