A very early Halloween picture!Just for fun.

The new university is keeping me quite busy,so I think I won’t make it to Frankfurt Book Fair this year.Has anybody maybe experience/tips with sending portfolios unasked to (childrens book)publishers via mail? Most publishers seem to have a section on their website concerning this,but also most of them state that unasked send portfolios are quite unwelcome..and I’m getting kind of social phobic when it comes to applying somewhere either way..:/


sooo I moved to Hamburg on Tuesday for my illustration master studies.Was quite busy with moving and introduction courses the last few days,so today I finally wanted to do some sightseeing as I don’t know Hamburg yet at all.But I guess my fault was that I went to the Botanic Garden ‘Planten un Blomen’ first,cause somehow I stayed there all day as it was just so very beautiful.